Reports from 2014 Nature Journaling Workshops

Animal Tracking –  Five eager young naturalists, journals in hand, explored the wilds of the Mulholland Preserve on a wintry day and, with the guidance of Linda Spielman, observed tracks of dog, deer, mouse, and fox. Most exciting was sign of a ruffed grouse bed. In the photo below, note the wing prints that were made as the bird rose from it’s nap!.

Stream Safari – A warm, sunny Saturday set the stage for the 2014 Stream Safari, which was attended by 18 kids and their parents. Phil Koons and his able assistant, Jamie Lovett, showed the group the critters they’d already collected and after the kids did some journaling, they went off with nets to see what they could find!

Ruffed grouse bed
Example page of a young naturalist journal