Wildflower Appreciation Day 2006

Ithacans love their native species. Six Mile Creek Natural Area proudly dislayed its native wildflowers to participants in Saturday’s Wildflower Appreciation Day organized by Friends of Six Mile Creek and the City of Ithaca Natural Areas Commission. The gorgeous, sunny day featured guided walks by local experts, homemade garlic mustard pesto, a plant scavenger hunt and, to the delight of local kids, a garlic mustard pulling contest. Sophie and Diego Payne Inigo, after hours in the Natural Area scouting invasives, came out holding one of the prize winning garlic mustard plants like a trophy fish. Their prize winning root measured 11 inches. A huge thank you to Anna Stalter, member of the Natural Areas Commission and tireless volunteer and Jess Langan-Peck, our intern for their creativity in designing activities and hard work organizing the event.

Jess, our tireless intern.
Anna Stalter’s garlic mustard pesto.
Anna helps a young participant measure his garlic mustard.
Jess helps prepare arts and crafts.
A red trillium, one of the stars of the event.
Another native trillium.
Anna explains the finer points of measuring invasive garlic mustard.
Robert Wesley prepares to give one of his celebrated tours of the area.
Charlotte and Jess get the tables ready.
Nat, one of our great volunteers (her mother Louise also volunteered!),
with Robert and a fist full of garlic mustard.
Another of the celebrated native wildflowers in Six Mile.